Extensibility | Extended Areas

Once you`ve decided to extend existing view, you might want to have a look at the extended areas extensibility.

These areas allow you to embed your content into the existing page with very limited amount of actions.

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Extensibility | Dirty Overwriting

Basically, the article listed below was probably one of the main reasons why I`ve started these hints sharing.

Sometimes it happens, that there is no any extensibility point available, which you can apply to, but you still have functionality on your table which has to be done till morning.

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Extensibility | List Translators

If you are working on list extension, there is one little thing which you should know about.

This tiny thing is a list column translator.

Might sound simple, but in fact it is a very-very powerful tool when you want to change your list representation.

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Extensibility | XSLT inclusion

Last week we had a session with Bart who did a great job explaining SDL Tridion in the way implementers see it.

However, this meeting left me with a feeling that XSLT is one of the misused and misunderstood tools which is not popular with developers or implementers. Probably because it requires a bit more knowledge to be applied successfully.

CME supports XSLT extensibility and the mechanism itself is relatively simple. It allows you to include your own XSL transformations at the top or at the bottom of extending XSLT file.

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Extensibility | Extending Context Menu

Extensibility | Creating Editor Extension

Extensibility | Understanding dependencies

Extensibility | Introduction | Architecture