Tools | MultipleUpload

Tools | MultipleUpload

Tools | MultipleUpload | Bookmarklet

A while ago, Dominic Cronin announced a challenge to create a specific extension for Tridion — Bookmarklet which is a sort of bookmark but in fact it is not.

Despite of looking very similar to initial extension this one is a way more different. It extends object on-fly, it does not create new service to upload files, it does not use a model, it is just Bookmarklet.

Putting all initial functionality into it was quite challenging. I really enjoyed the time spend on making this working despite of all the limitations.

Thank you Dominic!

After all, please welcome, the bookmarklet based on this extension:

Tools | MultipleUpload | | Bookmarklet

How-To use it

  • Add the following link to your bookmarks:
    UIBeardcore.MultiUpload | Lite | v.0
  • Open Tridion CME;
  • Click on this bookrmarklet;
  • …wait a moment;
  • Upload as much as you need;
  • Have a nice day!

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