UI Beardcore Development Tool (Lite v.0)

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What is it about?

Normally you have three options to track your XMLHTTPRequests in CME.

  • Using Fiddler;
  • Using Browser native developer tools;
  • Using UIBeardcore Developer Tool Lite;

First two options provides you a ton of information, but is a pain when it came to Internet Explorer or when requests are combined, or when you have not very well formatted response data XML. Normally you need to only check some values which are possibly is in response or just check what actually response have. If it is your case, then probably third option for you as well.

How-To use it

  • Add the following link to your bookmarks:
    UIBeardcore.DeveloperTool | Lite | v.0
  • Open Tridion CME;
  • Click on this bookrmarklet;
  • …wait a moment;
  • Check the request by double-clicking on it;
  • Have a nice day!


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